Jay Chang

Partner, Head of Product Innovation – Sidebench
Product Venture Consultant – USC Blackstone Launchpad / IncubateUSC
Founder, Executive Chef – @BehindTheKnife on Instagram

Jay graduated from USC in 2009 with a BS in Business Entrepreneurship focused on technical entrepreneurship and marketing. He has worked with a number of brands across industries such as Consumer product goods, to ecommerce, adtech, and a number of b2b / b2c platforms with a consistent role in a Technical Product Manager / Product marketing capacity. He’s consulted with and launched a number of startups in his 8 year career developing a deep understanding of user first product experiences and approaching business from their customer’s perspective and in order to understanding how and why they interact with a product in order to continually develop and improve that user’s experience. The ability to speak both “Business” and “Tech” help him to bridge the communication gaps between teams and help clearly articulate a company’s business goals as a technical product.

A keen eye for marketing crossed with a love of technology and focus on identifying product needs has evolved into a deep understanding of what it means to build products. The companies he’s consulted with recognize a value add in helping to identify, validate, and iterate on product market fit leading the development of features within products that can help optimize sales processes, scale user bases, and increase engagement. Having an entrepreneurial background has helped work well with companies expanding into new product segments that need a well-rounded team member that can think critically about a new market, identify key players, research and define potential entry points, and ultimately create a product roadmap for a build.

Currently, Jay is a partner and head of product innovation at Sidebench and consults with the Blackstone Launchpad @ USC as a Product Venture Consultant. He and the team at BLP created the IncubateUSC Website uniting the USC startup ecosystem creating a single destination for USC students, staff, and alumni to find all the entrepreneurial resources available through the Trojan Network. In his spare time, he’s an amateur chef and food instagrammer @BehindTheKnife, interviewing chefs, hosting pop up dinners, and catering private events.


Phone: (424) 354-0921

Email: Jay@JayDChang.com

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaydchang