Welcome to the USC entrepreneurial ecosystem.

IncubateUSC is a central destination for entrepreneurship and innovation at USC.

Trojans from diverse schools, programs, centers and clubs embark to build great companies,  IncubateUSC connects them with talented students, distinguished faculty, expert staff and supportive mentors.

We support members of the Trojan Family throughout all stages of the entrepreneurial journey. Whether it is hosting Hack-a-thons, providing startup legal assistance or online learning courses, IncubateUSC is an all-access pass to invaluable resources and real-world connections to develop the startup ecosystem and strengthen our community.

New Ventures Every Semester

Every semester we incubate hundreds of ventures from ideas to execution and future funding for growth

Diverse Student Population

USC has the 2nd largest international student population with access to diverse talent from around the globe

Access to Funding Capital to Grow

Our startup ecosystems' pitch competitions and resources provide up to $500 thousand in yearly, equity-free funding. Over $21.2 billion has been generated through startups that manifested here!

Track Record of Success

USC Success Stories

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What We Do

Notable USC Alumni Entrepreneurs

  • Brandon Beck - Riot Games
    Gaming & Entertainment
    Company Description Founder:   Brandon Beck Grad Year:   2005 Company:   Riot Games Year Founded:   2006 Valuation: $400M Riot Games is an American video game publisher that...
  • Sean Rad - Tinder
    Social Media
    Project Description Founder:   Sean Rad Attended:   2006 Company:   Tinder Year Founded:   2013 Valuation: $1.35B (2015) Tinder, founded in 2012, has become one of the fastest...
  • Aaron Levie - Box
    Project Description Client:   Box Founder:   Aaron Levie Grad Year:   1986 Company:   Box Year Founded:   2009 Valuation: $1.7B (2015)   (NYSE: BOX) Box (formerly Box.net) is an online...
  • Marc Benioff - Salesforce
    Company Description Co-Founder:   Marc Benioff Grad Year:   1987 Company:   Salesforce.com Year Founded:   1999 Valuation:   $1.1B (At 2004 IPO)   (NYSE:CRM) Salesforce.com is an American...
  • John Knoll - Photoshop
    Company Description Co-Founder:   John Knoll Grad Year:   1993 Company:   Photoshop Year Founded:   1987 Status:   Acquired by Adobe in 1995 What began as one computer engineer...
  • Paul Orfalea - Kinko's
    Logistics, Technology
    Company Details Founder:   Paul Orfalea Grad Year:   1971 Company:   Kinko's Year Founded:   1970 Status: Purchased by FedEx for $2.4B A 1970...
  • William Wang - Vizio
    Gaming & Entertainment, Technology
    Project Description Co-Founder:   William Wang Grad Year:   1986 Company:   Vizio Year Founded:   2002 Valuation: $3.5B (2016) Electrical engineering alumnus William Wang (class...
  • Nikhil Aitharaju,  Tim Koo,  Ryo Chiba - Tint
    Social Media, Technology
      Company Description Co-Founders: Nikhil Aitharaju,  Tim Koo,  Ryo Chiba Grad Years:   2011, 2012, 2013 Company:   Tint Year Founded:   2012 Status:   TINT is the easiest...
  • Jim Jannard - Oakley
    Food & Fashion
    Project Description Founder:   Jim Jannard Attended:   late 1960's Company:   Oakley Year Founded:   1975 Valuation: $2B (2007) Jim Jannard, who began his collegiate career...

Our Members

Overview Of Our Startup Ecosystem

There is no better place for emerging entrepreneurs to build their startups than USC. USC is poised to continue this proud tradition of entrepreneurship while constantly searching for new ways to help Trojan founders succeed.

With the oldest dedicated entrepreneurship program in the country, interdisciplinary opportunities with other programs within USC, and an extraordinary talent pool, students are supported in growing their business from an idea to a fully funded company.

Trojan founders have access to several on-campus incubators and accelerators, as well as personalized mentorship, to help refine and launch their ideas. USC's dozens of pitch competitions provide competitive proving grounds and access to funds, and the new USC Venture Fund makes up only a small portion of the millions in venture dollars raised by Trojan founders.

In the heart of the thriving Los Angeles business environment, our founders also have access to unbeatable opportunities in the surrounding community. Trojans have gone on to produce companies like Riot Games, Salesforce, Tinder, and Bird, and today's students are working on new companies from in industries from social media to gaming to health and wellness.

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James Bottom

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