The Suitcase of a Green New World

The latest up-and-coming USC startup product is the Cork Duffel Suitcase. Created by Mi Terro Global,  the Cork Duffel Suitcase is a lightweight, waterproof, scratch-proof accessory made entirely of high quality Portuguese cork, the same material that protects NASA’s space rockets from re-entry into the atmosphere, and recycled ocean plastics. 


“At Mi Terro, we believe that fashion doesn’t have to be fast, disposable, or temporary. We believe it should begin and end with a classic collection of well-designed essentials. And we’re starting that collection with a premium, simple duffle suitcase,” says Mi Terro CEO Robert Luo.

The suitcase’s main raw materials, cork, comes from the bark of cork oaks. Since it does from bark which is easily harvested, less trees are cut down in order to produce this bag. Due to the honeycomb cell structure of the cork, it is more durable, lighter and requires much less maintenance compared to a leather bag. The company also applies a waterproof coating to the bag, allowing it to better resist outdoor weather, unlike regular leather bags. 

Another important feature of the company and product is sustainability. Luo explains this, “We collect the plastic from the ocean and recycle them into usable material. First, we wash and sort them. Then we grind them into a powder and heat it up to pellets we can roll into a yarn. That yarn them ends up in your CDS as part of the zipper and inner lining. For each bag, we remove 2 pounds of plastic from our oceans and transform them into fashion pieces.”

The spacious design of the bar is complemented by several convenient features and utility pockets that allow for easy storage. “Whenever you are traveling for business or hitting the gym, Mi Terro CDS has enough room to hold laptops, spare clothes for 5 days, and your document.” 


Spend a quality afternoon with you Mi Terro Cork Duffel Suitcase and with your best friend