Adway: A New Way Of Democratizing Advertising


Adway, an LA-based company,  presents revolutionary technology to make outdoor advertisement platforms more accountable, efficient, and affordable.

Adway is a disruptive, digital, on-car advertisement platform that enables drivers to earn extra cash by displaying ads on the sides of their cars via digital projection. It provides the driver with two, easily attachable projecting devices designed for the car’s side mirrors. As a digital ad, it provides real-time metrics, flexible spending, instant launch and more precise customer targeting.

Adway was founded by USC Alumni Sasha Krylov and his partner, Trexton Todd. “In the past decade, out-of-home advertisement platforms have seen little advancement along with issues such as outdated mediums, poor accountability, poor targeting and high running costs are. Moreover, outdoor display platforms are difficult to scale due to the city’s regulations and obstructive nature of display structures.”

“Adway technology promotes a vision of a symbiotic relationship between the driver community and advertisers, making it easy to post and display OOH (out-of-home) ads in real time,” explained Krylov.  All the drivers have to do is download the app, insert the device and earn as they drive. Advertisers have to create an account, a campaign and monitor its metrics.

Once attached, these devices project media content onto the vehicle’s door. Furthermore, Adway’s projectors are designed in a way that enables drivers to put them on and take them off at their earliest convenience.

“Our drivers can take their dates for dinner without showing them how they pay for it,” said Krylov. The drivers are no longer married to a wrap, magnet, or digital taxi top, which creates unparalleled access to unlimited distribution. Large distribution opportunity or more participating cars yield more impressions, which is exactly what brands/advertisers are looking for.

According to Krylov, “For clients, Adway has created a real-time activated online portal, where they can purchase ad space in bite-sized quantities, create and launch campaigns in minutes, as well as monitor and edit them in real time.”

“Adway’s mission is to democratize out-of-home advertisement for both clients and drivers.” The technology combines the creativity of online ads with the ubiquity of out-of-home advertising platforms making the company at the forefront of advanced digital out-of-home media with an unrivaled opportunity for scalability.

Compared to the competition, Adway is much more efficient and comparatively inexpensive. While other on-car advertisement platforms would charge their clients the minimal cost of 10,000 dollars with no real-time customer data, Adway’s minimal purchase while in Beta is only 2,000 dollars providing both historical and real-time data.

The Team

Adway currently has founders Sasha Krylov and Trexton Todd, Software director Serge Shakhov and hardware director Xavier Jaregui. Having worked with such reputable brands as Aragon Holdings, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Rolls-Royce, SpaceX, Perkins and Will, and Gensler, these individuals have years of combined experience in engineering, business development, finance, and design. Their unique and versatile skills create a perfect combination necessary for building a futuristic state-of-the-art digital media platform for the next generation.