Building a Smarter Los Angeles: Annual Smart Cities Conference

Building a Smarter Los Angeles: Annual Smart Cities Conference
FRI, MAR 25 AT 9:00 AM, Radisson Hotel at USC
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Today, 54% of the world population live in urban areas, where 80% of the world energy is consumed. By the year 2050, it is estimated that more than 70% of the world population will live in cities. Urbanization has become a major challenge to cities around the world. Are we ready to face the challenge?
On Friday, March 25th at the Radisson Hotel at USC, we here at Team SixThirty invite you to join our conference to hear about solutions to that challenge – Building a Smarter Los Angeles. This event will bring together industry professionals, government officials, and thought leaders on how open data and analytics can drive better outcomes in traffic management, energy, crime prevention, and other challenges here in LA.
With speakers from organizations like IBM and Los Angeles County, Building a Smarter Los Angeles will offer you a chance to network with like-minded data-driven individuals, find out about opportunities for emerging smart city technologies, and meet speakers such as:

  • Mark Dixon, Executive Architect at IBM Analytics
  • Steve Hamilton, Senior Manager at Deloitte
  • Gary Painter, Director at Sol Price Center for Social Innovation
  • Mark Vallianatos, Director at Urban and Environmental Policy Institute
  • Geoff Wardle, Director of Human Factors at Urban Systems Labs
  • Ali Farahani, Chief Data Officer at LA County
  • Joyce Edson, Deputy Chief Information Officer at LA City
  • Leah Lewis, Executive Director at Cisco

Our goals are to bring together current and future city leaders to facilitate conversations and inspirations of Smart Cities, to promote open data initiatives, and to share ideas and research that can benefits citizens of Los Angeles.
Main Topics

  • To promote the open data initiatives
  • To define “Smarter Los Angeles” and understand its current progress
  • To share ideas, best practices, and case studies of Smart Cities
  • This conference is sponsored by USC Marshall School of Business and IBM. We hope that you’ll join us for this one-of-a-kind event; for more information, please visit

More on Team SixThirty (USC Trojan Founders!)
Organizer of Building a Smarter Los Angeles: Annual Smart Cities Conference
Team SixThirty is a nonprofit platform that connects the burgeoning data communities with civic and government leaders to build Smarter Cities through data analytics.
Our model connects talents, ideas, and tools together: we recruit data professionals and students who are interested in Smart Cities, work with city officials to identify areas where data analytics can be of most help, and equip our members with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to contribute to Smart Cities. Our website is

Tickets are On Sale at $55, but Blackstone Launchpad / IncubateUSC has a limited number (2) comped tickets available – Sign up Here to Request!




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