Cannabrawn: Muscling its way into the industry of the future

Sophomore Josiah Garvizu founded the company known as Cannabrawn in his first year as an undergraduate at USCm a business that sells cannabis based protein shakes. Hailing from Kentucky, Garvizu founded the business with a target market of older generations and the mission of encouraging the use of cannabis among said demographics to raise awareness of the products’s health benefits such as pain relief and curing lack of sleep.

The protein shake is designed to provide proteins and vitamins to the body combined with cannabis’ psychoactive properties in the context of a post-workout.

“I was originally studying the fitness industry and I discovered people were increasingly using cannabis in the fitness world to relieve pain so over time I began developing a cannabis based drink.” Says Garvize “I discovered a lot of elderly people had a much clearer need, talking to my grandparents with pain problems in their back and arms.”

The brand is currently based in Los Angeles but plans to expand with the changing federal regulations. As of today, Cannabrawn hasn’t yet launched for sale but plans to create on online business model to sell to customers at $10 as a bottle.

“Right now we have product formulation ready but we still want to talk a little more with customers and make sure this particular market has a strong enough need.” Says Garvizu “We think the product will be available in six months max.” Cannabrawn also plans to hike up market research to get a better understanding of its target market and their day-to-day activities.

Major Obstacles: mostly pertains to the gray legality of cannabis and the long and costly process of applying for a license.

Smartest Move: Pivoting from selling a pre-workout shake to athletes, a field with a lot of competitors to a post-workout drink for older generations.

Things you look for in new members: Someone with awareness of the product and the cannabis industry as well as the know how to market it.

Level of funding: Mostly family and friends and personal income from my online part time work with an insurance company in Kentucky from LA.

How has USC Helped: I’ve taken several entrepreneurial courses and they were a big help in learning how to start. I also was able to discover Blackstone Launchpad, James Bottom who really helped give me a general direction at the beginning phases. The Venture Seed Competition was also big because it spurred me to create this idea.

Leading Entrepreneurship Mentor: Guy goes by the name Michael “BigMike” Straumietis. He’s very influential in the cannabis industry in LA.