Contrary Capital is your Startup’s Newest Asset for Funding and Beyond

Here at USC, we all know someone who is working on a startup. Irrespective of degree or department, students and faculty at USC are working everyday to develop solutions to a multitude of relevant problems. Perhaps you may be working on one yourself.

The truth is, the Trojan entrepreneurial ecosystem is incredibly strong, and students all across our campus are building businesses with truly amazing potential. But as each of you knows, building a business is hard.

That’s why I’m happy to announce an incredible new resource to add to your toolbelt. Contrary Capital brings the best in business to help scale the challenges that hinder your business’s growth.

Contrary Capital is a fully independent, university focused venture fund driven by student investors at 40+ colleges across the nation. Backed by founders such as Dan Macklin of SoFi, Martin Eberhard of Tesla and Emmett Shear of Twitch, 80%  of our limited partners have started $1B+ tech companies over the past decade.

Contrary announced their official public launch on Monday September 18th with an inaugural fund size projected to fall between $5 million and $7 million

Here are a few quick bullets to summarize our value:

  • We’re totally independent and returns-focused. If funded, we’ll connect you with top-tier VCs that fit you best.
  • We have an expansive network you can tap into for diverse talent, customers, and advice.
  • With a check size ranging between $50k-$200k in YC style standardized valuation buckets, we have the flexibility to accommodate you at a crucial stage in your growth.

Feel free to contact us any time at We would love to meet with you to see what you’re working on or answer any questions you may have.


Fight on!

Zach Sullens and Rishi Thomas