For millennials, health and wellness is the name of the game and this is especially important to recognize in an age where millennial are poised to have more spending power than any other generation. Much like the S’well and the Hydro Flask water bottles, millennial are increasing physical investment in high-end goods and services that promise a healthier, active, and well-rounded life style.

From matcha tea and goat yoga to pet diets and celery juice, health and wellness are rising to become Millennials’ top priority, as opposed to career or religion. This change means that businesses, even the ones emerging out of USC’s entrepreneur ecosystem, needs to reorient and rebrand themselves to reach today’s buyers.


Founder: John Dieser


Elevator pitch: ProdHealth is a Business to Business to Consumer company that provides value based wellness services focused on plant based nutrition to lower employers chronic health expenditures (80% of health costs).

We operate on a digital wellness coaching platform using support like assistance cooking, coaches and doctors, meal planning, financial rewards, etc. ProdHealth educates and empowers clients to adopt health promoting habits proven to reduce the risk of chronic disease and optimize longevity.

Stage of the Company: Product Launched

Latest Achievement: Currently launched in December with over 10 users on the platform, all with significant improvements

Mission Statement: Our mission is to help reform the global healthcare model to become a more value based model, meaning that you pay for food with good physical, mental and financial health results.


Founder: Andrea Scott and Kurtis Williams


Elevator pitch: Session Sync is the first telehealth platform devoted to licensed psychologists across the nation to address mental health shortcomings not only as a result of geographical and physical limitations, but also time and accessibility.

No other platform or service to date provides a comprehensive directory complete with education, treatment focus, hours, pricing and the ability to act by messaging and scheduling appointments directly with psychologists who can then meet with that patient via our HIPAA compliant site and video platform.

Stage of the Company: Product Launched

Latest Achievement: Providers across nine states are using Session Sync

Mission Statement: Session Sync’s goal is bringing psychologists together in a new way to broaden resources, reduce stigma, reach more patients and advance the field of psychology.


Founder: Simone Zienna


Elevator pitch: We eliminate the tedious process of manually made meal plans taking over one hour to put together. Our smart software uses your personal food preferences and your fitness goals to determine the best meals for you to eat every day, so you can accomplish those goals in the shortest time possible.

Your meals will be adjusted based on your dietary needs and restrictions and can be even further tailored via micro and macronutrient desires.

Stage of the Company: MVP/Prototype Built

Latest Achievement: Alpha Testers are in the process of using the app to provide crucial feedback

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a platform that makes it as easy and convenient as possible for people to achieve a healthier lifestyle


Founder: Kristina Williams


Elevator pitch: ZiM is a social marketplace for health and beauty. Our data-driven platform curates eco-friendly products by your hair and skin type while also providing communities for your shared skin and hair experiences. Our proprietary data informs our partner vendors about consumer behaviors and incentivizes user generated content through gamified rewards.

Stage of the Company: 200 Branded companies have registered on the ZiM marketplace

Latest Achievement: Increase in Revenue Generating on a monthly basis with more and more customers every day.

Mission Statement: Our vision is to create convenient, transparent and inclusive care for all to be healthy, happy and healed.



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