For most people without access to USC, they don’t have the tools necessary to help them learn. That’s where EdVenture comes in. USC EdVenture, connected with the Rossier School of Education, hopes to address this problem by creating a movement of education entrepreneurs to generate ideas across the country, especially among women and people of color.

Second only to the Y-Combinator incubator, the startups that come out of EdVenture are among the most diverse and financially enabled across the world with branches in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Mexico and the United Stares. It plans to do so by leveraging USC’s distinctive, global leadership position in education, media, engineering, computer science and entrepreneurship with products that understand technology, the education industry and are willing to adapt to changing environments.

Running on its second year, EdVenture begins its application in August before its kickoff in November with periodic events like virtual workshops, speaker series for the cohort founders. The program ends with a demo day in April called the ASU GSB summit, one of the largest education entrepreneurship center in the world.

The main goal is to encourage any ideas or goals for educational entrepreneurship.


Founder: Auron Priestly

Website: https://angel.co/company/kolkin

Elevator pitch: Kolkin lets physicians directly share medical knowledge with each other and the world via a search engine exclusively authored by doctor.. We are addressing the public health crisis of medical misinformation online.

Stage of the Company: Early User Testing

Latest Achievement: Several thousand physicians trained throughout the US.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to help connect doctors to doctors and connect doctors to people.


Founder: Parsa Rezvani

Website: https://www.tutorfly.org/

Elevator pitch: Tutorfly is a peer tutoring marketplace that allows parents to find high school and university-aged tutors for their kids that also double as role models. Sessions can take place in person or online through our Online Lesson Space a

Tutorfly is a venture-backed company, receiving investment from notable angel investors including a Board Member of the Khan Academy, the Global head of Education at Adobe, and the VP of Biz Dev at Nextdoor.”

Stage of the Company: Revenue Generating

Latest Achievement: Over 5000 hours of tutoring across all our centers.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to level the educational playing field by providing accessible tutoring outside of the classroom.



Founder: Jamai Blivin

Website: https://unmudl.com/founding-partners

Elevator pitch: Unmudl is a technology marketplace. It’s curating work for non-credit courses of importance for using to hire people.

Stage of the Company: Revenue Generating

Latest Achievement: Increase in Revenue Generating on a monthly basis with more and more customers every day.

Mission Statement: Our mission is create a marketplace for working learners, which is the largest population and country of learners so they can navigate and connect to implement and make more money.


Founder: Barbara Kalmus


Elevator pitch: AKALA is America’s College Admissions Headquarters, an AI-enabled platform that helps students, starting in 8th grade, navigate the complicated journey to college. This blended model (tech + one-on-one) is scalable and will help close the massive Guidance Gap that exists in America today.

Stage of the Company: Revenue Generating

Latest Achievement: Our product is in 7 charter schools. 900 students are on the platform. We have 30 paid individual subscribers. We have $130K in revenue in China. And we just closed to a deal to work with 83 chapters of a national youth engagement organization (Similar to Boys and Girls Club)

Mission Statement: To give every student, regardless of demographics, access to high-quality college admissions guidance.


Founder: Jessica Barr

Website: https://www.makingthegrade.us/

Elevator pitch: Making the Grade is Digital platform that takes the guesswork out of school data by analyzing assessment data & providing target areas to optimize results. Every public school in the nation is currently receiving a report card that has a direct impact on funding, resource acquisition, and reputation – we are the only company that provides predictive report cards – allowing schools to intervene and make the grade.

Stage of the Company: Revenue Generating

Latest Achievement: Contracted schools have increased from 9 to approx. 60 in the last yea

Mission Statement: Our ultimate goal is to serve kids.


Founder: Amy Von Kaenel

Website: www.VolunteerCrowd.com

Elevator pitch: VolunteerCrowd provides a free app and website for finding, requesting, and tracking volunteer projects, and a premium verified transcript and portfolio that’s a unique reflection of each student’s service achievements.

Unlike schools and clubs that track volunteer projects only while the student is enrolled, VolunteerCrowd is a SaaS service with a single transportable transcript, owned by the student, consolidating all activity from K12 through college.

Stage of the Company: Early User Testing

Latest Achievement: Over 13,000 volunteers in 2019

Mission Statement: Providing growth opportunities for students to engage in more academically relevant volunteer projects