Global Recon – 5 Part Lecture Series with Machine Shop Ventures @ BLP

Want to take the next step in becoming a world-class entrepreneur?

The world is becoming more connected than ever. Internet-native millennials are ambitiously looking to their global peers on social media, blogs, and news outlets to learn about trends that can be adapted to their local business landscapes.

Global Recon is a 5-week entrepreneurial lecture series at USC hosted by Kiel Berry, the Executive Vice President at Machine Shop Ventures, the venture capital firm founded by Linkin Park. As a fund that has invested in the likes of Lyft, Robinhood, and Blue Bottle Coffee Company, Machine Shop has well demonstrated their knowledge and ability to succeed in their field. For each lecture, we will bring in relevant entrepreneurs from around the world to provide real-time insights on unique and extraordinary topics we cover.

Each lecture, we will discuss a different current event or trend shaping the global technology, social entrepreneurial, and/or entertainment landscape. Prior to each lecture, each topic is personally tailored to a current event or trend to cover to ensure that we stay as current as possible.

In a “case-study” type method, we will analyze and dissect the following:

  1. Business strategy involved in a company decision
  2. The various implications for the company
  3. Cultural dynamics involved
  4. Macro learnings to be gleaned by entrepreneurs

Classes will be held starting March 1st and will continue every Tuesday from 7-9pm, and will conclude on April 5th. Apply Now to Attend! Applications Close February 20th!

For more information, as well as the link to the application, visit We are excited for you to join us and look forward to reviewing your application!