Highkey Reaches Over Half The Undergraduate Student Population


A constant struggle for students has remained the inability to adapt to an eventful university environment due to the lack of a singular platform that informs all students of events and parties that take place on campus. Having faced that issue as an exchange student from Finland himself, Vili Vaananen along with his CTO Max Prokopenko and Frontend Developer Jesse Takkinen came up with an app to end their problems – Highkey.

Inspired by their previously launched app in Finland as students at Aalto-University, Populic, Highkey was inspired by the same principle – a medium for all students on campus to be engaged and informed about events that can be mapped and updated in real time. With an existing, running app in Finland that was trending #1, Highkey was launched for students of USC last August and soon tracked the same popularity with now over 10000 users that post and advertise their events on the app to reach a larger base of students.

Vili expressed optimism for the future of Highkey with plans to expand to bigger party schools such as University of Alabama. “We’ll continue to make college life funnier in the whole nation.” Vili also revealed that Blackstone Launchpad has been one of the most helpful resources on campus; in terms of conversing and interacting with other entrepreneurial-minded students. Highkeys team is confident moving forward as the ultimate platform for all campus events information and live updating.  

Written by- Mehak Arya