INBRACE Aims to Make Teeth Straightening Hassle-Free


INBRACE is a dental startup that aims to create the best braces for people who don’t want them noticed. Founded in 2014 by John Pham, a USC alumnus, INBRACE has made waves in disrupting the orthodontics industry. They aim to upend the current technology in plastic retainers, most popularly Invisalign. With INBRACE, the wearer does not have to remove and clean the device to brush their teeth or every time they eat. 


In order to accomplish their goal, they take advantage of Gentleforce technology, which means “Advanced computer modeling and AI algorithms are combined to determine the shortest path for each tooth from where it is today, to its position in your new smile.” Also, they claim that this technology “does not apply nearly as much force as traditional braces or aligners to move teeth.”


Just one week ago, INBRACE announced they have raises a Series C round of funding that amounted to $45 million dollars. This comes just after they raised $20 million in January of 2018, showing how they are continuing to grow at a rapid pace.


Earlier in the summer, John Pham was named a finalist for Earnest and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. John Pham is one of the most innovative people in the orthodontics industry and this award is a testament to this innovative ability. In time, John hopes to remove the negative aspects of teeth correction in order for people to feel happier and healthier without the pains and troubles associated with normal braces or the current plastic retainers that are on the market.