Just Go Grind Podcast Episode #104

#104: Brian Conyer, Co-Founder and CEO of GIBLIB, a Medical Education Streaming Service

Brian Conyer

Brian Conyer is the co-founder and CEO of GIBLIB, a company he started in 2015 with fellow USC Trojan Jihye Shin.

GIBLIB curates and creates high quality educational videos from expert physicians at the leading academic medical centers and streams the library on-demand to medical professionals globally.

Some of the Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How Brian started GIBLIB
  • Brian’s background and how that influenced his decision to start a company in the medical industry
  • The first few things Brian did to get GIBLIB started while at school at USC
  • How Brian found his co-founder, Jihye Shin, and convinced her to work with him on the company
  • Receiving $1 million in seed funding within 9 months of starting
  • How Brian’s pitch evolved over time as he’s continued to raise funds for his company
  • The business model of GIBLIB and how it evolved over time
  • The story of getting their first subscriber
  • How Brian approached building the team for GIBLIB and why finding people who fit the culture is so important
  • The differences in growing a team while the company scales
  • Balancing all of the different aspects of growing a venture-backed startup
  • The biggest challenges, in the beginning and today, for GIBLIB
  • How GIBLIB acquires new customers today
  • Brian’s approach to creating content
  • Why YouTube is the biggest competitor of GIBLIB
  • How Brian collects and analyzes feedback from GIBLIB customers to improve the business
  • What Brian looks for in people when hiring
  • The tools Brian uses to run the business and why he’s currently in a tool reduction mode
  • Brian’s approach to meetings, why he always has an all hands meeting at the beginning of the week, and why he believes in having daily stand up meetings for each team
  • Remote working and why GIBLIB has teams around the world
  • The grand vision Brian has for GIBLIB
  • How Brian organizes his time and when he works
  • Brian’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and why getting a co-founder is so important
  • How Brian chose his investors for GIBLIB

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