Just Go Grind Podcast Episode #113

#113: Asa Firestone, CEO and Co-Founder of the Boulder Adventure Lodge (A-Lodge), Avid Rock Climber, and Social Entrepreneur

Asa Firestone

Asa Firestone is an avid rock climber and entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. He often describes himself as a washed up explorer turned hotelier. He is the co-founder of the Boulder Adventure Lodge (A-Lodge). He also co-founded several successful non-profit organizations focused on introducing the outdoors to at-risk youth; Climb for Colorado, Adventure Forward, and the Centro de Escalada Urbana. He also founded BeyondGear, a social enterprise selling lifestyle gear to the outdoor community, as well as BeyondTalks, an adventure speaker series and production company.

Asa received his MBA at USC Marshall in 2012 as a Society and Business Lab Fellow and earned his undergraduate degree in engineering physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2005. He was a National Geographic Young Explorer for his first ascent big wall expedition in the Venezuelan Amazon in 2008.

Some of the Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How Asa started A-Lodge
  • What’s driven Asa to do different projects throughout his career and how he fell in love with outdoor adventure
  • The two different businesses Asa was working on while getting his MBA at USC
  • Why Asa decided to quit BEYONDgear after the tragic loss of two friends
  • How Asa found the right company after starting and failing at various ventures
  • The pressure to be successful and how Asa’s perspective changed after the climbing deaths of his two friends
  • What Asa learned from BEYONDgear and how he applied that to A-Lodge
  • Asa’s rationale for starting A-Lodge and how he found a whole in the market
  • The first steps Asa took to make A-Lodge become a reality
  • How Asa found his investor for A-Lodge
  • Asa’s experience working with a new investor for the second hotel property he’s going to develop
  • Why Asa actually leases the property he has his hotel on
  • How two adventure hotels are able to exist in Boulder and how Asa came up with the name of his hotel
  • The re-branding of The Boulder Mountain Lodge to A-Lodge
  • What Asa did when he found out there was no foundation under his hotel
  • The team behind A-Lodge and the importance of partnerships
  • How Asa convinced his hotel’s general manager to come on board
  • Why A-Lodge has been successful
  • What Asa has done to market A-Lodge and spread the word about the hotel
  • How Asa is spending his time day-to-day now in the business
  • Why Asa started a new side of the business – adventure vans

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