Just Go Grind Podcast Episode #120

#120: Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group and Host of Thirty Minute Mentors Podcast

Adam Mendler Podcast

Adam Mendler is the Chief Executive Officer of The Veloz Group, where he co-founded and oversees ventures across a wide variety of industries: Beverly Hills Chairs, a leading office furniture e-tailer; Custom Tobacco, a one-of-a-kind cigar customization e-commerce platform; and Veloz Solutions, a technology consulting and software development practice. Adam remains active in each portfolio company, providing strategic guidance and support.

Adam also provides business thought leadership as a speaker to businesses, universities and non-profit organizations; as the host of the leadership and personal / professional development podcast Thirty Minute Mentors; as an expert regularly cited in national media outlets; and as an advisor, consultant, coach and board member.

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Some of the Topics Covered by Adam Mendler in this Episode

  • What being an entrepreneur means for Adam, including the 3 companies within The Veloz Group, being a writer, public speaker, and podcast host
  • Addressing demand versus creating demand
  • 3 tips on how to lead through the coronavirus crisis
  • How to make sure your company and team are prepared for a crisis in the future
  • How to communicate with and support your team during this crisis
  • Letting go of employees with empathy, compassion and honesty
  • The opportunity of talent becoming available due to the COVID-19 crisis layoffs
  • How Adam got started as an entrepreneur
  • How Adam founded The Veloz Group with his brother and the challenge of defining their direction
  • For bootstrap businesses, the importance of choosing which ideas can be most efficiently monetized
  • How to decide which business ideas to pursue as an entrepreneur
  • Evaluating potential, considering feasibility, and defining your target customer
  • Juggling different ventures and the importance of being “Dr. No”
  • The importance of being self-reflective as a leader and entrepreneur
  • Adam’s perspective on making mistakes
  • Adam’s book recommendations
  • How Adam’s day-to-day has changed during the COVID crisis
  • What tools Adam uses to maximize his day
  • Being a baseball fan during the crisis, and an Angels fan in Los Angeles

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