Just Go Grind Podcast Episode #34

#34: Paul Loeb, Founder of DropTrack and No Ego Records

Paul Loeb Droptrack

Paul Loeb is the founder of DropTrack, a platform to promote music and get feedback from other producers, artists, and songwriters around the world. He also founded No Ego Records which releases electronic, dubstep, house music and others. It produces music for other content creators at half the price of those mainstream record company.

Paul started his entrepreneurial journey in IT at an early age, creating websites for his community after learning how to code. With his IT background, he built an app development company focusing on restaurants. When he sold the company, Paul then started to work at Beats by Dr. Dre before Apple acquired it when it was just a small company.

Paul knew how to play music but lacked technical skills at producing music so he enhanced his music producing skills by going back to school, where he learned ProTools and other skills. He is now producing his own music through No Ego Records.

In this episode of the Just Go Grind Podcast, Paul tells the story of his passion for music and building businesses.

Some of the Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How music played a large part in Paul’s childhood through college
  • How Paul started to DJ at fraternity houses at USC
  • What prompted Paul to earn money through setting up computers and emails for his community as a teenager
  • How Paul start marketing his IT business in his local community
  • Starting to learn how to code
  • Starting a company that verifies the identity of a MySpace user for the security and safety of young internet users
  • How Paul started an app developing business specifically for restaurants
  • Getting an invite to work at Beats by Dr. Dre through LinkedIn and what it was like to work there
  • Moving from software engineering to product management to audio engineering
  • Acquiring new skills on ProTools recording, scoring at Video Symphony School
  • The challenges Paul faced starting his own record label
  • How No Ego Records help musicians and content makers through cheaper licensing of their songs
  • How his record label manages a lot of musicians and artists
  • Building DropTrack, a tool for music promotion
  • What Paul did to fine-tune DropTrack with its first 1000 beta users
  • How DropTrack gets new users on its platform through referrals
  • How UpWork helps him in running the company by hiring freelancers
  • How Paul came up with his DJ name: reallycutecats

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