Just Go Grind Podcast Episode #35

#35: Natalia Kochan, Co-founder of Curensea

Natalia Kochan

Natalia Kochan is a co-founder of Curensea, an online art community where you can publish your creative work as an artist, curate other’s work, and tip artists and art curators in an ad-free environment.

Natalia is an artist by passion and profession. Writing poems at an early age, later on she became a screenplay writer where she was able to travel and live overseas. While working and studying in China, she met her friend and co-founder, Sofi.

Encouraged by the problems of artists in general, they started Curensea to help their fellow artists showcase their creations.

On this episode of the Just Go Grind Podcast, Natalia shares her journey as an entrepreneur and artist, and the struggles of launching and growing a business without any prior experience.

Some of the Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How a poet became an entrepreneur
  • Natalia’s experience as a screenplay writer in China
  • How Natalia found her co-founder while studying in China
  • How wanting to solve a problem became the inspiration to create Curensea
  • Getting help from an angel investor to jumpstart the business
  • The challenge of looking for a technical co-founder both inside and outside the country
  • How referrals were critical for them to find the right developers to build the platform
  • What prompted Natalia to go to Ukraine and find a developer
  • Pitching investors (And how to impress them)
  • Why Natalia sent literally thousands of emails to get the business off the ground
  • The difficulty in convincing artists to join Curensea
  • Why Natalia and her co-founder decided to rebuild the business and relaunch in 2018
  • How journaling and meditation helps Natalia deal with everyday stress
  • The importance of having a good business partner (And what to look for)

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