Mi Terro Limitless Milk Shirt

Mi Terro’s vision is to make Earth green again. In order to do so, we need to teach people to shop eco-friendly products and to live with minimal waste. We want to make green fashion affordable to almost everyone. From creating the Forbes featured travel bag made from ocean plastics and natural cork to making a shirt from upcycled milk, we will never stop discovering new ways to solve world problems through means of green fashion.

Earlier this year, we created the world’s travel bag made from recycled ocean plastic and natural cork for which we crowdfunded about $14,000 on KickstarterWe were featured on Forbes recently for our product innovation and sustainability.

We launched our second Kickstarter yesterday, for our Limitless Milk Shirt. The shirt is made from upcycled milk. It is 3 times softer than cotton, silk-like, odor-free, wrinkle resistant, body-fitting, and temperature regulating. We were fully funded in less than 2 hours and still have over a month left before our campaign ends.

We partner with a dairy farm in the Shandong Province of China to source our milk. Because our partner dairy farm generates an excess amount of the milk, the milk that we sourced could have been dumped or wasted if we don’t use it. There are only two manufacturers in China that has the craftsmanship and capability to turn unwanted milk into clothing fabric. Every 5 Limitless Milk Shirts save one glass of milk from being dumped. Our next step is partnering with supermarkets so we can collect the so-called “expired,” or past sell date, milk from them. Our goal is educating the general public that we are consuming too much dairy products and we need to cut down our food waste. Our Kickstarter will launch tomorrow at 9 am PST. Here is the project link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/miterro/limitless-milk-shirt-the-first-shirt-made-from-milk.

We partner with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 10 trees for every product we sell. So far, we have planted over 2700 trees with this organization. We want to rebuild our forests because trees are the best solution to climate change. These trees are planted in Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti, and Mozambique. Mi Terro is committed to planting 1,000,000 in the next 5 years.