Mother-Duo Pair Cooks Up A Baking Delight

The mother-daughter bakery Molly’s Munchies was founded eleven years ago in 2009 by Molly Mitches as a wholesaler to specialty food shops on the eastern end of Long Island, New York.

“It’s huge thing to put on my resume that I’m a business owner. It just gives you a sense of responsibility especially at such a young age.” Mitchell said. “It may be a project but it has given me a completely different angle walking into interview for internships and job opportunities.”

Having a product line spanning cookies to pies to everything in between, Molly’s Munchies stands out from competitors by offering lower prices and small home made batches of goods.

“Our main competitors are based on Southampton, Long Island while we’re based in East Hampton.” Mitchell said. “A lot of people tend to like ours more because since that company has been sold to a private equity firm, the quality has gone down because it’s no longer made in a big shop is made in a factory.”

The business was started by the mother daughter duo as a way to raise money for a local animal shelter and from there went on to expanding and selling to four retailers in New York, despite difficulties in scaling efficiently and acquiring resources.

“My mom worked at a creative designer at an advertising firm and so she was able to come up with a logo and a great design.” Mitchell said. “My mom’s more of a baker and I’m more of a business person.”

Currently, the bakery operates as a seasonal business since the operation’s target makes is the summer rental community in the Hamptons, which coincides with Mitchell’s schedule as a college student. In the future, Mitchell plans on partnering up with a distributor to reach more of Long Island and New York.

“It would be the first step.” Mitchell said. “In an ideal world, we’d be a national company but we don’t know how reasonable or attainable that goal would be for the type of project we have. So I think, recognizing those limits and capitalizing on them is a huge part of what we do and why we’re successful.”

Mitchell credits USC for providing the knowledge and mentorship several professors bring in accounting, finance, all of which have been helpful in scaling the business and budgeting it more efficiently.

“I’m able to use Excel sheets way more efficiently, create professional level budgets and income statements USC has been able to make this less of a project and more of an actual company.”



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