Mother-Duo Pair Cooks Up A Baking Delight

Molly Mitchell, a sophomore studying Business Administration, started her first company at the age of 11.
The mother-daughter bakery, Molly’s Munchies, was founded in 2009 by Molly Mitchell and her mother. Molly’s Munchies is a home baking business specializing in using fresh, locally-sourced products. Their business currently operates on the eastern end of Long Island, where they are featured in three specialty-food stores.

“It’s nice to have on my resume that I started a business,” Mitchell said. “It’s given me a sense of responsibility from a young age.”

Having a product line spanning from cookies to pies and everything in between, Molly’s Munchies stands out from competitors by offering high quality goods made in small batches.

The business was started by the mother-daughter duo as a way to raise money for a local animal shelter. From there they went on to selling their goods in three specialty food stores in New York.

“My mom is the baker and I’m the business person,” Mitchell said. “We’re a good team and our business has grown since the beginning.”

Currently, the bakery operates as a seasonal business since the operation’s target market is the summer community in the Hamptons, which coincides with Mitchell’s schedule as a college student. In the future, Molly’s Munchies hopes to partner with a distributor to reach a broader market.

“Through Molly’s Munchies, I have experienced what it means to be an entrepreneur. I’ve also realized that giving back is just as important as succeeding. My Mom and I started the bakery to support a local charity and the community has been very supportive of our business. We are grateful for the support of our customers and we aim to continue to support the local community,” Mitchell said.



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