Mydas Touch: A Whole World At Your Fingertips

It’s 2020 and USC’s latest startup, Mydas, is launching out of USC with a team of USC Alumni and 31 USC student interns. Michael Gurayah, the founder of the app, started the business to help make the first introduction easier for people while exchanging social media, contact information, and backgrounds faster than ever!

The app was founded by USC students for USC students. Compared to competition, Mydas stands out by focusing more on the student experience and building connections at a younger age for a better future.

Mydas’ target is mostly Generation Z and Millennials who are growing up as digital natives. Currently, Mydas is operating here in Los Angeles at USC but plans to get out to as many other colleges as possible.

“Our mission is to help people enter communities. Plenty of opportunities are made through social and professional circles: new friends, future work opportunities, circles of like-minded people, being able to share your strong voice to a larger public. We encourage you to capitalize on finding people through Mydas, connecting with them, and expanding your network to capture all the above.” Gurayah said, “We aim to help every student whether they are introverted or extroverted to connect with others, meet other students and maintain Trojan connections past college and into the real world.”

The app works by first inputting your social media, contact information and background on the “My Profile” page. On the home page, you would be able to see other students around you and once you click on their name, it would take a few seconds to exchange data along with other pieces of information like the date you met them, where you met them, etc.

Gurayah, a recent USC graduate from the Marshall School of Business began the business at the end of his Junior Year after attending a networking event.

“I met an executive but she forgot all of her business cards, and afterwards, I couldn’t find her on LinkedIn, Facebook or even Instagram.” Gurayah says, “I pitched Mydas as a final project in my entrepreneurship class and continued working on it throughout the summer. That’s how it all began.”

With regards to funding, Gurayah’s team has raised around $20,000 with family and friends and are planning to enter into a seed round soon.

So, far, Gurayah credits the building of a good team to contributing much of the success of the business.

“The more people who are passionate about your product and believe in it …the more successful your company will be.” Gurayah says “As a solo founder, I’ve started this by myself at the start, but bringing and trusting other people going on was one of the best things I did. Our brand, vision, and app was fully cemented with the additions of Prateek Malani and Robert Ryan who joined August and November 2019.”

Gurayah also credits the professors and the entrepreneurship classes of USC for helping his business create a business plan, identify good market to start in and develop network connections.

“It’s unreal seeing, you know, an idea and actually making it into reality.” Gurayah says. “It’s just a feeling you can’t describe.”



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