Newman’s Provides Healthy Alternatives For Male Hair Care

Newman’s was founded in October 2019 in Indonesia as a healthcare startup providing online medical consultations and hair loss treatment for men. The company, recognized for being the first digital clinic for men’s health in the country, was founded by a trio of students from the USC Batch of 2014: Elsen, Alfred, and Anthony, who met one another on campus and are a port of the latest batch of the Y combinator incubator program.


The company’s mission is to simplify health care for men by providing access to doctors and medication. Currently hair loss treatments in Indonesia is expensive, inaccessible, and carry a lot of social stigma, especially for men in their 20s and 30s.

With that in mind, Newman’s started when all three founders began experiencing hair loss themselves and went through the painfully expensive process of sampling multiple hair products and consulting countless doctors.

Newman’s first services included a free telemedicine consultation and prescription hair loss medication to make the process simpler, convenient, and more affordable with prices half as expensive as current market pricing. The process is also convenient for doctors who can now spend less than five minutes meeting with patients online instead of twenty minutes in a face-to-face consultation

Aside from brining its founders together, Newman’s credits USC for the various entrepreneurship classes it offers and for the Trojan network based in Indonesia. Fellow alumni provided a lot of the partnership, advice, and industry knowledge that build Newman’s into what it is today. In terms of investment capital, Neman credits the Y combinator for providing a lot of support as part of the latest batch of startups enrolled in them program.

Currently, Newman’s targets men’s health issues like hair loss but plans, in the near future to scale, to other verticals of men’s health.

Newman also plans to focus its marketing resources on educating customers on how the product would work to bring in a larger audience who understand what they are buying. Special emphasis would be placed on advertising to women due to the culture of Southeast Asia where women are in charge of health decisions for the family.



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