NexTravel Raises $2.3 Million Series A

NexTravel is a San Fransisco-based startup that is aiming to revolutionize the corporate travel industry. NexTravel was founded by Wen-Wen Lam who is a graduate of the Entrepreneurship MBA program through the Marshall School of Business. She has an impressive resume including studying at Cambridge as well as working at a variety of startups. 


NexTravel was founded as an alternative to the complex and inefficient method of corporate travel that most companies use.


Lots of times, employees have to navigate through a complex process to book their flights for travel and then report the expenses to their company. This is an arduous process for both the company as well as the employee. 


NexTravel aims to solve this problem by creating a single platform where all of this can take place. 


“We wanted to make a travel booking simple and easy and not such a headache,” says founder Wen-Wen. She also adds that she is interested in lowering the time for the booking process to around 20 minutes.


Additionally, they can save money by running everything through the same system and taking advantage of volume-based discounts. 


A couple of weeks ago, NexTravel raised a $2.4 million Series A round led by Pipeline Angels and Quest Ventures.


We wish NexTravel the best as they continue their journey.




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