Nuleep : Job Searching Made Easy


Our featured startup for the week is Nuleep, an online job search company designed for millennials. The company was founded by Grace Park, who began the company with a group of friends. 

“Companies like LinkedIn are like Blockbuster, they’re very static” says Park. “We are more like Netflix, we keep building on.” The app considers salary, life-style commute and travel, what you do in your weekends, company culture, apartment locations, and other features of a good work-life balance. These are all highlighted in a visually appealing way to help customers make the best decisions.

The Market

Nuleep has two platforms. One is for customers, the other is for business-business side. In the US, the online job search industry is worth 200 billion dollars. Nuleep’s target markets are college graduates looking for a job, with a projected total of 5000 users by fall, 2019. The company is especially active in Los Angeles and Phoenix, large cities where the founders are from and have a big population of the target market.

For the B2B side, Nuleep is also partnering with a lot of student groups and ambassadors in these cities. The team is currently in agreement with 100 small companies in Phoenix and Los Angeles who are interested in being sponsored in the app to potential applicants, while developing a full HR tool set for said companies to use for referrals and recommendations.

The Team

The company has four co-founders and two outsourced developers. By the summer of 2019, the Nuleep plans to hire three marketing interns. “We’re bootstrapped,” says Park. “We’ve been so busy doing beta-testing since July and we plan to launch this August.”

Sources of funding

The company is currently in a pre-seed round and are planning on releasing a friends-and-family round by fall. The company makes money via business-to-business transactions. Companies who want to be featured pay a monthly subscription fee. The company also supplies organic ad content. “For example, when we ask users about referred dress code, we also sponsor ads from companies like H&M.” Says Park 


The company focuses on three things: user-friendly graphics, efficiency and a visually appealing guide to careers. For users, the first step in answering four questions: Whether your a student, what kind of industries you’re interested in, what your lifestyle is, what your goal is. 

The user will then be directed to a dashboard showing which job fits the best for the user, which cities and neighborhoods match your personality and preferred lifestyle, what kind of rental apartments are nearby. It’s basically an online mentorship. 

Furthermore, the app considers the future of the user. “For many people your lifestyle interests will change.” says Park “When your young, you’re looking for a cheap apartment. When you have a family, you’re looking for a good school. These are all factored into Nuleep’s software.” For a lot of competing online job boards, most users apply for a single job posting and then leave. For Nuleep, users come back at different stages of your life and different career paths.

“Usually its not simply starting out as an analysts and ultimately retiring as a senior analyst or a director.” says Park “There is no straight path anymore in today’s workforce.” The app prides itself on mapping out where you want to be in 2-5 years and give recommendations on what company to apply for if you want to shift jobs.”