Troy Labs

At Troy Labs, we are dedicated to helping USC Trojans build and scale great companies. We are students serving the USC venture community by establishing student-powered initiatives like the USC Venture Fund, Troy Labs Scale (an in-house startup strategy consulting studio), Troy Labs Build (an early stage startup accelerator program), and community-focused initiatives like USC Demo Day and founder workshops.


The mission of LavaLab is to give students the know-how, resources and connections they need to successfully bring their ideas to market. LavaLab will exist as a hands-on transdisciplinary student-run organization that aims to develop practical, profitable and responsible solutions to real world problems. As a USC recognized student organization, we strive to create a community of collaboration among our membership, and seek to educate our greater USC community by promoting entrepreneurial and innovative thinking.

Spark SC

Spark SC is a student-driven hub for entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Southern California. The organization’s mission is to inspire a culture of innovation, expose students to their creative potential through hands-on experiences, support current innovators with mentorship and connect like-minded individuals within the community.

Hack SC

HackSC is the premier hackathon hosted at the University of Southern California. We aim to empower hackers to learn and explore new technologies through hands-on development and experience.

Trojan Blockchain Society

The Trojan Blockchain Society (TBS) covers a wide array of topics under this domain, including the technical and practical components of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Through a mixture of educational meetings, bringing in industry experts as speakers, and other informational events, TBS seeks to engage and enlighten Trojans on the future and blockchain’s impact on it.

3D4E – 3D For Everyone USC

3D4E is the premier 3D printing club for students on campus. Comprised of architects, engineers, art students, and more, we aim to provide the information and opportunities necessary for anyone who wants to become more intimately involved in 3D printing. We believe that by investing in the knowledge and knowhow of 3D printing today, we can help prepare ourselves and others to shape the world of tomorrow.

Sigma Eta Pi

Sigma Eta Pi is a co-educational entrepreneurship society spread across the country. Sigma Eta Pi is dedicated to developing the human potential. Our mission is to transform individuals into starters who follow their passion, develop meaningful relationships, and create value through innovative pursuits. We educate our brothers and sisters with the most comprehensive knowledge of the start-up ecosystem and venture process and equip them with a concrete set of skill and the necessary support systems to guarantee success. SEP is here to kickstart those who want to excel.

Girls In Tech USC

Girls in Tech USC is dedicated to empowering, educating, and mentoring female college students interested in entering the technology field. The goal of the program is to create excitement about the industry and encourage those college and university students considering a career in technology to pursue their ambition and meet like-minded women in industry. Girls in Tech USC hopes to provide educational resources, business oriented networking events and empowerment & leadership related seminars and workshops at the university level.

Rocket Propulsion Lab

USC’s Rocket Propulsion Lab is focused on pushing the state-of-the-art in rocket technology. Armed with determination and the goal of putting a scratch-built rocket into space, USCRPL aims to successfully launch and recover the world’s first entirely student-designed and -fabricated rocket past the Karman line, the recognized boundary of space at 100 km (328,084 ft).

Corpus Callosum

USC Corpus Callosum creates unique interactive installations combining principles of art, science, and technology. Students work in project teams on a semesterly basis.

Trojan Entrepreneurship Network

We’re constantly looking to provide entrepreneurial resources tailored to your specific needs, and we provide individualized guidance and direction for all stages — from ideation to venture-backed funding. We know that success in entrepreneurship stems from aligned visions and personal chemistry between you and your partners. Membership within our network will allow you to develop the agility to navigate through the development of your business.

EVMA – Entrepreneur & Venture Management Association

The Entrepreneur and Venture Management Association (EVMA) is a student-led organization committed to supporting students interested in pursuing career opportunities in start-ups, venture capital, or starting their own businesses. Rather than focus on a specific industry or function, EVMA strives to empower its members to pursue opportunities in dynamic growth phase companies and help members build the network they need to launch their own start-up.  EVMA also provides complementary resources in the venture capital and private equity industries for students interested in pursuing alternative asset management careers.

Design For America USC

Design for America is a consortium of talented, renaissance-thinking, passionate students from the community who radically collaborate with community organizations and nonprofits to solve real world problems. The organization creates social impact by understanding the challenges of our communities, creating powerful solutions based on human-centered insights, and partnering with organizations to execute our transformative ideas. Design for America believes in the power of students and the local community to affect real change in our world using their boundless energy, social intelligence, and fresh perspectives.

GWIB – Graduate Women In Business

Founded in 1993, USC Marshall Graduate Women in Business (GWiB) is a student-led organization focused on the advancement of women in business. We believe that by bringing together current graduate students, alumnae, faculty, distinguished business leaders, and community members, we can achieve our mission to help develop the next generation of female business leaders. We hope to inspire and empower female business students by providing mentoring, enriching education and networking opportunities. GWiB is dedicated to supporting women to reach their full professional potential as they explore the opportunities and unique challenges facing women in today’s business world.