Thinker-Tinker Is A Rising EdTech Startup

Thinker-Tinker Launches Interactive Storytelling Robot and Platform Revolutionizing Playtime and Screen Time

Playing with Octobo

Finalist in SXSW Innovation Awards, Thinker-Tinker, Completed A Funding Round For Product Development, Marketing, and Distribution, Expanding Content, and more via Netcapital

​With a mission to​​transform screen time into quality, meaningful learning time​​Thinker- Tinker, I​nc., ​an innovative edtech startup and graduate from the ​Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs​​ Accelerator, ​has announced an investment opportunity today on ​Netcapital.​

“We are excited to move into the next phase of development and create new innovative ways that we can integrate technology into play,” says Yuting Su, The CEO and founder of Thinker-Tinker. “We are excited to be opening up the opportunity to invest in Thinker-Tinker not only to VCs and other institutional investors but also everyday people who believe in what we are doing and want to support a revolution in children’s toys. That is a key reason we selected Netcapital to host our deal and allow us to raise funds from anyone.”

With 85% of kids 8 years old and under in the US are using mobile devices on a daily basis, Thinker-Tinker has focused its product development on solutions that transform screen time into quality, meaningful learning time.

In January at CES 2020, t​he company launched to the general public its ​award-winning ​plush learning robot, Octobo. In addition, t​he company announced its partnership with UNIVERSAL Dreamworks Trolls, to develop the entertainment industry’s first interactive plush.

“I invested in Thinker-Tinker for its mission to solve a real problem at the core of the relationship young kids have with digital products,” s​ ays Maya Baratz, CEO and Partner of Founders Factory New York and former Managing Director at Techstars.​”With a talented team and partnerships with companies including Dreamworks in tow, Thinker-Tinker is well-positioned to usher in the future of educational toys and games for young kids.”

Thinker-Tinker has completed a Netcapital equity fundraising. Their offering was a unique opportunity to invest in a promising startup that is backed by renowned investors, award-winning products, and established partnerships.

To learn more about Thinker-Tinker you can visit the offering on ​Netcapital’s online portal.

Octobo Advanced Storypack