Roostoo Allows for Experimentation with Crypto-currency Trading

USC Startup Roostoo created a free simulated crypto exchange app for users to practice crypto investing in the volatile market. They were recently interviewed by Africa Blockchain Media. Roostoo’s mission is to provide a safe sandbox for people to learn about this emerging global asset class called crypto digital assets.

Recently, I reached out to co-founder Edward So for a comment on the company and their motivation for starting it.

“Roostoo is started by a group of enthusiasts at Blockchain@USC student club and I was the co-founder and ex-president of the club. The other 2 co-founders were the winner of the USC Blockchain Hackathon where I was the student organizer.

The motivation behind this startup is that we know crypto digital assets will become a future globalized asset class like stocks and bonds, however, it is still unregulated and volatile. Coming from a student club background, we observe there’s still a lack of interest and understanding from students about this emerging trend, and we want to gamify cryptos in a risk-free and fun way for young people to learn about it.

USC is an amazing place to bootstrap startups because the school has so many talents and provides great resources and support to founders. It is a great ecosystem.”

Make sure to check out their website here in order to learn more about the company and interact with the product.