Rossier EdVentures Testimonials


Hear What Our Cohort Members Have To Say

GibLib - Brian Conyer and Jihye Shin


“The USC Rossier EdTech accelerator has been an outstanding experience.  The weekly lineup of experts and investors challenge us to think strategically and forced us to focus our efforts on the most impact full and meaningful metrics”

Ampligence - John Li


“After I dropped out of USC from my Ph.D. program EdVentures gave me a home where I can interact with other like minded peers, learn from each other, and amplify the world’s intelligence.”

John Li, Founder, Ampligence
APoll0 - Dan Genduso


“Rossier EdVentures brought together a diverse group of founders with an impressive range of product offerings.  The program leaders and every one of the guest speakers were incredibly engaging and willing to assist teams throughout the process.  It can be challenging having a lot of remote participants but they managed to pull it off and create a welcoming community of founders and leaders in the education and technology world”

Dan Genduso, Co-Founder, Apoll01
Easy Teach -Cliff Michaels (1)

EasyTeach LMS

“Managing directors Dean Kline and Doug Lynch provide entrepreneurs with seasoned strategies, world-class resources, and passion that has purpose.  I’m proud to call these guys friends and advisors.”

Cliff Michaels, Founder, Easy Teach LMS for WordPress - Arjita Sethi and Anshul Dhawan


“USC EdVentures is like a head start program for the EdTech startups.  We got exposure to the entire ecosystem of the business of education in US and globally.  All the sessions were online so attending them was very time efficient. The quality of sessions was quite good and they were very helpful in understanding the market landscape, connecting with the stakeholders that are the decision makers in many cases, listening to EdTech investors about their thesis and investment sweet spots.  Thanks, Doug, Dean, and Anthony for a great program. Fight On!!”

Arjita Sethi and Anshul Dhawan, Co-Founders, Equally
MandarinX - Estella Chen


“As a two-time graduate from USC Rossier School of Education, I am extremely proud of having the chance to join in the EdVentures EdTech innovation program.  Other than insightful sessions that startups need, the most unique and impressive session for me was “Dramatic Arts” which coached us on how to present your ideas with emotional attachments.  Research shows that people often buy or invest in things because their emotions were triggered rather than because of reason or logic.  Once again I am truly grateful for all of the support that USC has provided.”

Estella Chen, Founder, MandarinX
Intervene - Aaron McCloud


“USC EdVentures has made a tremendous impact on our business through mentorship, exposure, and introductions. The training we have received around market evaluation, insights on how to grow, and develop advocacy in our solutions has been invaluable.  The founders in the program come from a variety of verticals in education as well as physically located globally, which offers diversity in ideas and perspectives.  Since the program is virtual it has allowed me to participate while continuing to focus on business operations and growth.  Overall the USC EdVentures program has been a great experience and we plan to stay connected…”

Aaron McCloud, Founder, Intervene
Immerse - Christian Rowe


“USC’s EdVentures accelerator has without a doubt been one of the most instrumental catalysts of Immerse’s learning, growth, and success.  The leadership team exudes courage and wisdom as they have guided our cohort to leverage disruptive technology to actually make the world a measurably better place.  We are truly fortunate to be a part of this Trojan family and are eternally grateful for the gift of counsel and empowerment that the entire leadership team and cohort members have provided. Fight on!”
Christian Rowe, Co-Founder, Immerse