Soothing Your Way Into a Healthy Future

Nature Soothie was founded three years ago by Sara Zolfaghari, who graduated from USC Pharmacy School with a Masters in Pharmaceutical Economics & Outcomes. The company’s mission is to deliver the soothing benefits of herbal extracts and natural ingredients without the usage of unnecessary and artificial ingredients. Before Nature Soothie, Sara worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a scientist and consultant.

“My inspiration for creating the company came when I had my daughter. I could not find a suitable delivery format for medicine and I was desperate to soothe my daughter” says Sara. “I was facing a problem many parents face: children hate taking medicine! So I decided to find a solution.”

From that experience, Sara began creating an innovative delivery formats for natural remedies and herbal supplements which was a variety of honey-flavored lollipops with different functions to address the common ailments in children such tummy discomfort, immune support and restlessness.

The company has been featured in Parents Magazine and Kiwi Magazine, and sets itself above and beyond its competitors not only through their innovative delivery format, but by staying committed to using only clean, natural, and organic ingredients.

While the company is based in Los Angeles and is distributed through several organic food stores in California, Nature Soothie plans to scale nationwide. The company also plans to continue developing new products and ideas that can be consumed and enjoyed by both children and adults.

For her team, Sara looks for partners who are highly qualified in managing and running a business, and individuals with good communication skills.
In terms of success, Sara credits having taken the leap as the precursor for her company.
“I would say taking the leap and taking your own business is one of the most courageous things I’ve done in my career and my life.” Says Zolfaghari. “ In the beginning, I made some mistakes and I partnered up with the wrong people, so I kind of fell behind but you learn from your mistakes and use those experiences with other partners and those that worked out really well.