Startup Dedicated To The Fight Against Heart Disease

Currently, there are a total of 25 million patients in the US that don’t receive adequate care after discharge from heart attacks or surgeries due to high costs and distances from the hospital. The purpose of Moving Analytics is to conquer heart disease as the leading cause of death via digital prevention programs.

The team was founded by Harsh Vathsangam, PhD, Ade Adesanya, and Shuo Qiao and while it mostly aims to target older generations, also provides services to children and young adults who were born with congenital heart disease.

According to Adesanya, one of the core founders one issue is that most healthcare industries do not provide a flexible and convenient cardiac rehab program at home after surgery.

“Our core focus right now is a threshold cardiac rehab program.” Adesanya said “What the patients are doing is they are learning about kind of what risk factors predispose them to heart disease in the first place such as high cholesterol levels, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise.”

The program works when a hospital or health care provider enrolls a patient to the Moving
Analytics Program. The care manager at Moving Analytics then creates a personalized treatment plan while consulting with the patient’s doctor. The patient is then given a care kit, with Moving Analytics’ app, Movn, connected devices, and an education curriculum. The app is based on MultiFit, an evidence based rehab program developed at Stanford to guide patients through supervised exercises, monitor vitals, and provide educational materials. A web portal allows a patient’s care provider to see how they’re engaging with the app.

For patients, they can expect lower rehab costs, fewer visits to the doctor, training for the new home program, check-ins with Moving Analytics’ care team, and encouragement to adhere to exercise and medicine.

Founders of Moving Analytics credits USC for help with funding, mentorship, and research material.

“With USC, we were able to get almost $200,000 in funding for the program when we got started. Adesanya said. “We were also able to win 20k from different business law competition and Marshall competition across different departments.”

The company, which has been in business for 7 years, has branches and customers in over 14 states. For hospital and partners, this has resulted in lower cost of care by lowering real estate and staffing costs, lower hospitalization and readmissions, reaching more patients, and a better, convenient patient experience. As a result of the business, clients report a 76% increase in functional capacity, an 80.5% adherence to their medication and an 80% program completion rate.

Currently, Moving Analytics is focused on the patients they’re presently service and locking in more deals with health insurance companies. The business also plans to raise the next round of capital within the year and expanding the current team.

“I feel like it’s a privilege to be in a place where we are helping people recover and navigate back into a healthy life.” Adesanya said “It’s also like a journey where we constantly learn new things and ask new questions with an open mind.”