Startup Success Spotlight: HexCare CEO Alex Wormuth


alex2USC and Blackstone Launchpad alumnus Alex Wormuth, founder and CEO of HexCare, was one among a select group of top-tier finalists who made it to the closing rounds of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).

After winning the regional competition, HexCare advanced to the national finals in Miami, Florida.

Alex shared details about his experience at the GSEA. He said, “going through this process has taught me a lot about communicating my ideas and passions.”

The competition required business pitches from contending student founders and CEOs. While pitching is common practice at most startup competitions, the value of the exercise extends beyond its business utility.

Alex said, “pitching isn’t just about competition or money, it’s about sharing your ideas and passions with others. It’s a chance to connect others to your vision and excite them about it.”

Student entrepreneurs and startup founders enjoyed the opportunity to interact with one another throughout the course of the competition. Alex: “I was excited to meet other young entrepreneurs who are taking risks and making their ideas a reality.”

Congratulations to Alex and HexCare on their successful journey at the GSEA.