LA Startup Swoop snags $3.2M to build SaaS for mobility businesses leaning on USC talent

Swoop, based in Los Angeles, just raised $3.2 million in seed funding, heavily supported by USC alum Jack Brennan, who joined the Startup direct out of school. Jack leads the majority of the business development and sales efforts significantly contributing to this milestone. Swoop also relied on the talent of three Trojan interns (Daniella Topal, Stephen Campbell, Barrett Bock) and continues to have a close relationship with the university (Ruben Schultz, one of the co-founder is a lecturer for in the entrepreneurship).

This seed round is led by Signia Venture Partners, South Park Commons, and a handful of angel investors to build a tech solution for local group mobility owners (SMBs). The fragmented industry of vehicle owners will now be able to effortlessly book, dispatch, track and manage all their rides through Swoop’s SaaS tool.

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