USC Incubator Call for Applications – Deadline November 24th

USC Incubator call for applications
The USC Incubator takes founders from feasibility and development work, on to customers, a tested business model, getting distribution, building a team, bootstrapping and investment preparation. We also provide access to other supporting resources, such as industry experts, investors and legal assistance. Incubator companies have gone on to raise investment, win competitions and build sustainable businesses.
The program is run by Paul Orlando, who is Incubator Venture Partner and an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship.
Application deadline for the next cohort is November 24th.
More details and the application link is at:

You should expect to develop these skills in the Incubator.

  • Bootstrapping. The skills to get people to pay you and learning to build a sustainable business will carry you through any economic climate. Bootstrapping also allows you to get started immediately, rather than waiting to raise capital (often before it is a good use of your time). This is key for current students.
  • How to run experiments that help validate your business. This includes variations on tools like the Minimum Viable Product as a way to test hypotheses, collect primary data, draw conclusions and learn what to build.
  • Presenting and pitching. These skills are essential but take time to acquire, alongside someone who can give actionable feedback. We believe in giving feedback and then practicing again and again with the presenters. It takes months (at least) to become good.

What we look for in Incubator companies.

  • Coachability. This is good for the company as it shows that the founders will be engaged, will do the work required and will be flexible when required to change direction.
  • Capability to build. Capability is determined by the type of business being built. There are some businesses that have high technical requirements and others that are marketing-driven. Entering Incubatees should have the ability to build what their business requires, with small exceptions that fall outside the core of the business.
  • Commitment and Drive. Founders that are committed and driven — especially about a problem or target customer — will stick with and be creative and resourceful.
  • Those who will be engaged members of the Incubator. They will share with and help out Incubator companies. They will also engage with the opportunities offered by the Incubator.


Apply for the Viterbi Venture Incubation Program (VIP)

Viterbi’s Venture Incubation Program (VIP) is currently accepting applications for the academic year.

VIP is a new student-run incubation program with extensive support from Viterbi’s Student Innovation Institute and the Startup Garage, and is designed to help students build, launch and grow USC’s best tech startups.

Through workshops, mentorship, guest speakers and networking dinners, VSI2 and industry experts will assist teams by providing the necessary resources and support to help their startups grow. Last year, three teams raised venture funding through our pilot program and some of our guest speakers included Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and “Customers Included” author Phil Terry.

Application link:

Resources provided for accepted teams include:

• Membership in an amazing learning community of likeminded entrepreneurs and innovators
• Mentorship with the VSi2 team and industry experts
• Access to the Hacker house co-working space
• Weekly office hours with mentors and bi-monthly catchup dinners with all the members
• Help with obtaining initial capital – three teams raised venture funding through our pilot program last year
• Opportunity to grow your team and meet other developers/designers
• Invitation to private events with investors and industry leaders – some of our guest speakers have included Evan Spiegal, Alexis Ohanian and Phil Terry
• Get connected with the Viterbi Startup Garage and/or receive help on other accelerators applications
• Early access to emerging technologies including drones, VR, 3D printers, sensors, etc.


We are reviewing applications on a rolling basis with priority given to those who apply before Monday, Nov. 9. We are looking for teams at all stages — from researched idea to prototype to fully-launched companies. The application is open to all undergraduate and graduate students from all USC schools.

Questions? Shoot us an email at