With Love Cards : Spreading The Message Of Good Times


Our startup for this week is With Love Cards, a business that aims to streamline the greeting card industry. The company was founded and launched in the August of 2018 by Kathleen Quinn, a 2nd year master of social entrepreneurship with the mission of enhancing grater human interaction through the written word. “We think having something to hold with a physical presence is getting lost among our generation,” says Quinn “The word os so powerful in making your day when you see it.” 

Quinn was inspired by a challenge she presented herself a few years ago for the season of Lent. “I wanted to do something positive for the people in my orbit for a few weeks like my doorman, my gym buddy and the feedback was so inspirational because it put a positive spin on the day.” 

The company also ties in mental health by partnering with mental health organization and supplying these partners with cards that address the stigma of suicide and depression. “Right now were measuring the impact of these cards by market surveys but were looking to increase the impact in the future.” Says Quinn. While people with mental health problems are complex, these cards reach out to people personally and talks them through their journey of struggling. 


The company is selling to millennial and organizations that work with millennial all over the United States and around the world. “The greeting card industry is 7.5 billion dollars.” Says Quinn. “Five years ago, the market dropped and now its picked back up by becoming a cool, trendy, gift.”

The company mainly uses social media marketing and word-of-mouth around USC students. Three weeks ago, the company launched an e-commerce website to sell the cards with prices ranging from five to seven dollars. 


Thee business is a team of six graduate students, coming from a big, diverse background with multiple perspectives. 

Michael – Web Designer and Developer

Myra – Product Designer

Janice – Strategist for future initiatives

Romero – Marketing

Kevin – Social Impact 


The company is currently in friends-and-family stage funding and is currently planning to register for competitions and entrepreneurship grands over the next few years to push the company forward. 

Imagine I’m a customer

Th first step is to go online to the website and choosing a card theme. You would the type your message to be handwritten by company employees. “Some people have problems coming up with content.” Says Quinn. “We’d love to help ideate and come up with a meaningful message.” We have some recommendations on the content. We would love to help you ideate and come up with a meaningful message.

Compared to other greeting card companies, With Love shaves off the inconvenience of buying postage or going to the mailbox, making it faster, easier and more streamlined. 


“Now that were graduating, were just getting started.” Says Quinn. “We’re all in and so are my teammates.” Our future plans include stepping up in sustainability and transitioning to recyclable paper and partnering to sell with retail stores. 

If you want to learn more head over to https://withlovecards.org\